7 day

Objective: kill all the enemies.
It is possible if you play tactically.

Click where to move / attack.

Green bar is energy.
Red bar is life

Interaction experiment and
simple game engine prototype
made from scratch
during 7DRL 2017.

Works in latest Firefox/Safari/Chrome.
Designed for landscape-oriented mobile.

The purpose of this prototype is to experiment with two things:

Fusion between turn-based and real-time interaction. Each "turn" in the game takes ca. 1 second, and you have energy that recharge over time, - so it makes sense not to move every turn. Making it discreet in this way, makes it more tactical, - similar to traditional role playing games, - while preserving the interactive elements. This concept should/would also work very well for multiplayer on mobile(high-latency) clients. The interaction could be made more smooth if the player pretends to move immediately slowly on mousedown/touchstart in the desired direction, rather than wait for the next turn to start.

Layout / RPG-game design for mobile phones (portrait). The 7x7 tiles works well for touch interaction, even on small phones, and is large enough that you feel it matches the field of view. On a 320px-width device a 7x7 tile is >45 pixels wide, and a 9x9 tile is >34 pixels wide. 9x9 could also be good, if fog-of-war was enabled, and targeting larger devices mainly.

Total time used: 18½ hours
Graphics from Wesnoth under GPL license
Made with appedit.solsort.com